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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Facial swelling, tooth pain, broken or chipped filling, cracked teeth, and temporary crowns often require emergency dental treatment.

Pain and Swelling

When a tooth has extensive decay, pain and swelling can occur. It is important to visit your dentist to diagnose ad treat the condition. In severe cases, these conditions can become life-threatening.

Chipped Tooth

When teeth are chipped or defective, dental bonding techniques can easily restore teeth to their esthetic value in the arch.

Temporary Crown

When extensive tooth structure is damaged, a crown is recommended for more complete coverage. If your temporary crown has come off, it is important to see a dentist to continue permanent restoration.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is infected or the nerve is inflamed, pulp therapy is required to save your tooth. Root canal therapy involves using instruments and antibacterial cleaning agents to clean out the canals that house the nerves and seal them with rubber like biocompatible materials.

Dental Extraction

When a tooth is badly decayed and unable to be saved, extraction is often necessary to alleviate pain and resolve infection.